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Since 2014, Raffaella Di Marzio is  member of Editorial Board of Psychology of Religion e-Journal (PRej)



About the Journal


"Psicologia della Religione e-journal / Psychology of Religion e-Journal" (PRej) is published by the Italian Society of Psychology of Religion (SIPR). It’s principal aim is to spread information on studies and research on psychological themes, phenomena, and processes related to religion.

Although particular attention will be given to the Italian perspective, the journal is happy to welcome also contributions from international scholars. Contributions should be written either/both in Italian, or English.

The journal is published bi-annually beginning in December 2014. It is open to all methodological approaches, both qualitative and quantitative, in every domain of the psychology of religion, without excluding any religious denomination or ideology, or epistemology.

Only original contributions will be considered. Editorial policy respects the anonymity of peer-reviews (at least two).



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